Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wheelbase?

Wheelbase is the campervan industry’s most powerful fleet management and rental software that is free-to-use and streamlines the way small, medium, and large fleet management businesses operate. Wheelbase provides campervan and motorhome rental companies with a cloud-based complete suite of rental management tools to optimally run businesses from the first point of customer contact to key return. The software provides rental companies with fleet management, payment processing, web hosting, online booking, $35 million insurance protection for domestic and international renters with driver checks on every rental — all from one simple dashboard.

Is Wheelbase a web-based rental software? What does web-based mean?

Wheelbase is web-based software. That means you can access your dashboard from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. Wheelbase software is available from any device wherever you are. Connect and manage your business with simple, easy-to-use, secure software that’s ready when you are.

How much does Wheelbase cost?

We process the renter’s driver’s license through an instantaneous driver background check when they opt for insurance on Wheelbase. We verify their insurance eligibility, and if approved, we insure them for the duration of the rental.

Do I have to purchase Wheelbase insurance for every rental?

You’re under no obligation to buy Wheelbase insurance. If you choose to take advantage of our $35 million liability insurance, your charge will be 1-15% of the base rental price. If your renter gets temporary insurance coverage through their own insurance, we’ll waive the fees.

Does Wheelbase allow me to manage my customers and fleet in the same software?

Absolutely. Wheelbase serves as a fleet management tool for your vehicles as well as a customer database, allowing you to easily manage and track your business.

Does using Wheelbase automatically approve my vehicles for insurance?

You’ll sign up your vehicles for insurance as part of your Wheelbase on-boarding process (we’ll help you with this). Enter the VIN and replacement value of each vehicle, and we'll process the approval. All-in-all, it takes about 30 seconds to get your vehicles approved.

My current rental management software hosts my website. Can Wheelbase support my website as well?

You bet. We can host a fully interactive website for your customers to book from.

Can I import reservations, vehicle info, and customer data from my current rental management software?

Absolutely. We can transfer your data in a matter of minutes, including all of your outstanding rentals that have yet to be completed!

How can I effectively get my team comfortable with using Wheelbase?

We’re committed to customer training and offer free onboarding and training sessions. We also provide ongoing one-on-one web training and 24/7 support for you and your staff.

I have my own rental agreement. Can this be attached to each of my reservations?

Absolutely. You have the option to upload reservation documents that will automatically be attached to reservations — perfect for rental agreements!